Captain Steve has seen firsthand what happens when water is in crisis. As a full-time fishing guide, he witnessed the 40,000 acre Florida Bay sea grass die-off in the summer of 2015. He worked to bring attention to the interconnectedness of how water is managed across Florida. He understands that water issues will not be addressed by cherry picking policy that serves special interest groups. District 120 and the State of Florida is ground zero for sea-level rise. There is no time to wait to plan for the inevitable. A pristine environment, safe and clean drinking water and smart water management are the foundation of a robust Florida economy.


Captain Steve is raising two children in the Florida Keys. Public education benefits and belongs to the entire community. Vibrant schools are building and nurturing the workforce and the leaders of our community. Florida has a woeful track record of funding public education and Captain Steve believes that every dime that can be spent on quality education is worth it. He is wary of the slippery voucher system that is being touted as a Florida solution and is concerned with the undue amount of testing taking place in the classroom.


Real people need real jobs. Growth, opportunity, and a livable wage is critical to a growing economy. In one of the fastest growing states in the country, Florida is challenged to provide affordable housing that meets the needs of diverse, multicultural and dynamic communities. Captain Steve is up to the task of careful consideration of how to balance the myriad elements of building a robust and sustainable economy that allows its citizens to prosper.


Capt. Steve is a registered gun owner who also carries a concealed weapons permit. He believes in the 2nd Amendment and yet is alarmed by the undeniable influence the NRA has had in drafting State gun policy. He believes in universal background checks, no gun sales to individuals with a history of domestic abuse or felonies, and he adamantly supports prohibiting the sale of bump stocks. He understands responsible gun ownership and yet realizes we live in an era where mental health and family services are limited, and the challenges of the disenfranchised segment of our community is real. Rules must be put in place to allow the 2nd amendment to reflect modern society.

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