A Personal Message from Capt. Steve Friedman.

“First, thank you. I write to you with just three weeks to go in our campaign simply overwhelmed by the outpouring of support you have provided us. As a novice to politics I didn’t know what to expect when it came to raising money and you have contributed mind-blowing amounts for a state house race -- over $130,000 from over 500 donors! Again, thank you.


“Our movement for clean water was born in the Keys and South Florida with grassroots groups like #NowOrNeverglades, Captains for Clean Water, and the Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association standing shoulder-to-shoulder sounding the alarm in Tallahassee and Washington.


“The struggle for clean water is a struggle to save our economy… to save our fishing industry… to save our marinas and bait shops and boat yards… our hotels and restaurants… our dive shops and paddle board operations… our real estate industry — to save our way of life.


“To do this, we must change who we send to Tallahassee. Now, thanks to you, we have an opportunity to send a fishing guide to Tallahassee! It’s #NowOrNeverglades. Let’s win this!” -- Capt. Steve Friedman, October 16, 2018

Florida’s 120th State House District.

Spanning the distance of the Florida Keys from Key West to Homestead and Florida City on the mainland, the 120th House District has more shoreline than any other district in Florida. To represent it, you must make protecting our water the priority.


This is where incumbent Rep. Holly Raschein has failed. From taking hundreds of thousands in campaign donations from corporate polluters -- including massive amounts from the sugarcane industry -- to consistently voting to delay cleanup of Lake Okeechobee (the source of the toxic green algae plaguing our waters), to removing water quality standards and to letting polluters off the hook for cleaning up their mess, Holly Raschein has failed South Florida.


Capt. Steve Friedman is making water the priority. The very first thing he did when he entered this race was to sign the #NowOrNeverglades pledge and he refuses to accept PAC money from corporate polluters. Steve will fight to fast-track Everglades restoration so fresh water flows south into Florida Bay and demand polluters pay to clean up Lake Okeechobee and our waters

We are poised to win.

The 120th district defines swing districts -- in 2016 Clinton defeated Trump 49-48%, while Sen. Marco Rubio won 52-48%... in 2014 Charlie Crist beat Gov. Rick Scott 52-45%, while Obama carried the 120th in 2012 by a margin of 52-47%.


And while there have been no public polls in Steve’s race, he has done very well in two internal polls:​


And we are not alone -- several amazing organizations have united behind Steve: Florida Bay Forever, the Everglades Trust, Bullsugar, United Teachers of Monroe, United Teachers of Dade, Women’s March Florida, Moms Demand Action, Democratic Environmental Caucus, National Organization for Women, Democratic Progressive Caucus and many more!

This race is in your hands.

Polls don’t vote. People vote. And the best way we motivate our neighbors to support our movement and Capt. Steve Friedman is you.


Nothing beats face-to-face conversations. Even in today’s polarized political world, neighbor talking to neighbor wins. As Steve has said many times, our movement isn’t about red or blue, it is about the water. It’s time we hold these conversations.


We estimate we will need 25,000 votes to win. Here’s the math behind how we get there:

  • There are 93,399 registered voters living in 50,436 households.

  • The average person can knock on 20 of their neighbor's doors in one hour.

  • 20 doors are about a block and a half in most neighborhoods.

  • If 500 people spend just 5 hours knocking on doors over the next few weeks, we will knock on every door in this district.​


  • Again: 500 of us knocking on doors...for just 5 hours total over the next few weeks...means we can knock on 50,000 doors.


As Steve mentioned above, over 500 of you have contributed to our campaign… now we need 500 of you to give us 5 hours of your time!


Are you one of our 500?

We can customize a list of voters for you to knock on doors or to call based on your available time. Want to be a superstar and knock on 200 doors? We can give you that list. Working 2-3 jobs but want to knock on the 17 doors on your block? We can give you that list. Live outside of our district but love the Keys and South Florida and have time to make one hour’s worth of calls? We can give you that list too!


Here’s how we send a fishing guide to Tallahassee:


  • Call our main headquarters in Islamorada -- 305.393.4430 -- and join our team.

  • Join our team via email and tell us how many doors you can help us knock on!


Come by one of our five campaign offices and meet our Organizers, get a list of voters to talk to and/or grab a yard sign!


  • Homestead: 140 N. Homestead Blvd. -- Contact Giulianna via email here

  • Key Largo: Fountain Plaza, 100360 Overseas Highway -- Contact Karina

  • Islamorada: 81990 Overseas Highway, Suite 204 -- Contact Karina

  • Marathon: 11400 Overseas Highway, Town Square Mall, Suite 218 -- Contact Kevin

  • Key West: 929-A Truman Avenue -- Contact Lisa or Natalia


Additional Friedman headquarters are needed.

As we get closer to Election Day -- early voting starts October 22 -- we will need additional HQs where folks can drop by to pick up voter lists, literature and yard signs.


If you are willing to support our district-wide infrastructure by allowing us to cache supplies at your home or place of business, contact Karina via email or phone -- 305.393.4430.


Think of the message you can send to Tallahassee.

Rep. Holly Raschein has voted year after year in lock-step with Gov. Rick Scott and the sugarcane industry’s pro-polluter agenda. She has raised over $1.4 million in her political career and she refuses to sign the #NowOrNeverglades pledge. You can defeat her.


On the eve of the election, you are in a position to defeat her. You can send a fishing guide to Tallahassee who has signed the #NowOrNeverglades pledge and refuses to accept any corporate PAC money.


You can topple Big Sugar. You can send a loud message. You can win.


© 2018 Steve Friedman. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Paid by Steve Friedman, Democrat, for State House District 120